Friday, September 2, 2011

مأساة - TRAGEDY !

مآساة !

 AHMED  in his flat where he live  

 Ali Mansoor Khudeer’S children the martyr who got killed on the 17th of February are Ahmed a 9 year old child, Jaffar a 14 year old teenager, Hassan 21 years old , and his only daughter who's 18 years old.
 Ali Mansoor Khudeer was their life oxygen, hope , and dream .. they used to live in the dark , maybe he was a fisherman but, he was their only light .. They used to live in a ramshackle home in Sitra , then they moved to an old poor rental flat in the same area .. I don’t know how could the martyr's family live with this condition, after the tragic death of their only light and hope .. Moreover , his son Hassan is unemployed !!! Such poor children :(i mean such poor orphans !! :(:(

أبناء الشهيد   علي منصور خضير المقتول في 17 فبراير ، أحمد 9 سنوات ، جعفر 14 سنة ، حسن 21 سنة ، و ابنته الوحيدة 18 سنة .
علي منصور خضير كان أكسجين حياتهم ، أملهم ، و أحلامهم ، كانوا يعيشون في الظلام ، ربما كان صياد سمك لكنه كان ضوئهم ، كانوا يسكنون في منزل آيل للسقوط ثم انتقلوا لشقة قديمة في المنطقة نفسها ، لا أعرف كيف تستطيع عائلة الشهيد العيش ، بعد مآساة قتل نورهم ، و في هذه الظروف ، بالإضافة إلى إن حسن عاطل عن العمل ، يا لهم من أطفال مساكين ! أٌقصد يالهم من يتامى مساكين !


  1. everyone has to protest to stop al-khalifa!
    will you do the right thing and help us?
    i have seen pictures that are WORSE than this..

  2. Cameron Scott WallerSeptember 2, 2011 at 5:24 PM

    i'm american from usa but my gf is from bahrain and supports the protest so i support her and her cause. i don't know much but from wat i heard ur king isn't a very good guy so i will support so my gf can live safely without fear of the soldiers. i love you memo.

  3. This is heart breaking, but there are many people who are suffering like them right now. We must come together, protest in our own countries and pressurise the bahrain government for justice.

  4. must on all Bahraini people help kids of martyrs because martyrs have given for our country and thier country by them blood to get on the rights
    so now must upon bahraini nation give a little for their children because their parents given us most important things "thier life"

  5. Please help Bahraini people Hamad troops killing our children, please help us

  6. Nothing can permanently keep people shut. It's the people right to express their openion without been killed and without tear gas bombs!!

    At all not an option for people to pull back.