Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hussain Nusaif was neer to Be like Ali & Ali

Hussain Nusaif, the one who has sweet heart, the friendly, funny, helpful, brave is   the eldest brother .
 Ali, his little brother is with him in the picture.
Ali used to be with Hussain all the time, plays and laughs with him .When Ali wakes at night he always goes to his brother Hussain to hug him because he feels safe being with him.
Hussain was born on 27th January 1993 and was about be martyr in 17/12/2011, the date that he was arrested! 

Poor little Ali   & poor your love ones dear Hussain, I don’t think there is a human in this world can be substituted by  you !!
Ali can’t sleep at night because he always sees nightmares about how did they beat you.
he has message to : Hussain I love you , I’m miss you , I’m worried about you  , please come to me !
They tried to run over you, fortunately they couldn’t. , more than 10 policemen, sorry more than 10 ministers beat our hero Hussain cruelly! , because he was protesting & demanding for his rights with his people in Mameer village  . Moreover they tortured him in jail, and beating marks are on his body & he can’t walk  !
They shot him with Rubber bullets on his leg  , that’s shows he was targeted  !

Because they couldn’t kill Hussain , now they accused  him of  assaulting  2 policemen !
For your knowledge, policemen in Bahrain are not Bahraini , they are mercenaries brought by the king and were naturalized , and given Bahraini people dreams & rights ..

Free the oppressed Hussain & others who was arrested in the same way now !! 

What happened to Ali & Ali …

Ali Badah Al Satrawi , in age of 16 police  run over him over .and over till death. His body was very light because his fleshes were put in plastic bag. can you imagine a heart of father receive his son’s body & his carnages in a plastic bag ?!  

 “Here martyr Ali fall “
revolts wrote  on the wall.
Police come & wrote after them , her The animal fall “

Marty Ali Al Gassab

Martyr Ali Al Gassab after releasing him in march 2011

The second Ali , Ali Al Gassab in the age of 21  

Most of Bahraini police , pro-regime aren’t Bahraini , the regime bring them from the worst areas …
The royal family too aren’t Bahraini, they committed lot of crimes since they came from Zubara in Qattar

They are black sheep without heart
Few people in this world support Bahraini people ,
Silence is a crime !
don’t worry my lovely Bahrain  God with you !

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